Can We Measure which Textbooks Work Best in K-12 Education?
Numbers Institute
Data from 2001-2003 in West Virginia

Compare 59 Math textbooks
Compare 40 Social Studies textbooks
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Some textbooks, particularly in Math, show significantly better student results than others. No one publisher is consistently better. At different grades the best book may be from Glencoe, Harcourt, Prentice Hall, Saxon, Scientific American, Scott Foresman, or Silver Burdett.

Detailed scores by school system in West Virginia: Math, Social Studies
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Quick Summary of Selected Grades:
Highest and lowest scoring books,
with difference in score on Stanford Achievement Test

Math, Grade 5
Harcourt Math Advantage
6 points better than
McGraw Hill Math and My World

Math, Grade 7
Saxon Math 87
5 points better than
McDougal Passport to Mathematics,
Prentice Hall Tools for Success

Social Studies, Grade 6
Prentice Hall World Explorer Series
4 points better than
Harcourt Our World's Story

Social Studies, Grade 9
Prentice Hall American Nation
5 points better than
Glencoe American Journey
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